Whonix 15, o noua versiune majora a distributiei Debian, proiectat pentru navigarea pe internet securizat si anonim. Whonix implementeaza reteaua Tor pe lânga un sistem Debian, care este rulat in mai multe masini virtuale, oferind astfel un nivel substantial de protectie impotriva scurgerilor malware si a adreselor IP.

Noua versiune se bazeaza pe viitorul Debian 10 "Buster". Acest lucru inseamna ca utilizatorii au acces la numeroase pachete software noi, in concordanta cu pachetele existente, cum ar fi o ramura moderna a GnuPG.

Schimbari majore si caracteristici noi:

port Whonix from Debian stretch to Debian buster 1
kernel hardening 1
Blacklist uncommon network protocols 1
systemd unit sandboxing 1
improve entropy collection through extensive research and installation by default of jitterentropy-rngd
research implications of spectre / meltdown / retpoline / L1 Terminal Fault (L1TF) vs Whonix
Non-Qubes-Whonix: kloak - Keystroke Anonymization Tool 1
Non-Qubes-Whonix: Whonix Live 1 / Live Mode Indicator / grub-live / grub-default-live
Non-Qubes-Whonix: switch desktop environment from KDE to XFCE (poll) (other desktop environments)
Non-Qubes-Whonix: reduced image size using zerofree
Whonix VirtualBox: CLI version (Whonix ™ with CLI is a version suited for advanced users – those who want Whonix ™ without a GUI.)
Whonix VirtualBox: unified ova downloads 1
Qubes-Whonix: change Qubes-Whonix default applications from KDE-ish to XFCE-ish 1
Qubes-Whonix: simplify installation of VM kernel by installing the same recommended Qubes packages as Qubes Debian packages (source 1 (source 2)
Whonix KVM: serial console support 1
update sdwdate time sources
List of processed Whonix 15 tickets
arm64 / RPi 1 port
install by default zulucrypt, qtox, onionshare, keepassxc, firejail
new usability wrappers: scurlget, curlget, pwchange, upgrade-nonroot, apt-get-noninteractive, apt-get-update-plus
remove mixmaster, ricochet since dead upstream
support for Bisq - The P2P Exchange Network 1
port build script to cowbuilder; build packages in chroot and use mmdebstrap for better security
add UsrMerge compatibility

Whonix default username: user 
Whonix default password: changeme

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Sursa: whonix.org
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Marian-Constantin Brasoveanu - Facebook
Marian-Constantin Brasoveanu - Facebook

Daca se vrea promovat în România sa foloseasca limba "natala"! ???? In plus, ce "hardware" a avut clipul prezentat ...2 months, 29 days

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Dan Dumitrescu - Facebook
Dan Dumitrescu - Facebook

Am ramas la "batrânul" Debian ... 

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Gabriel Ruta - Facebook

Eu merg in continuare cu Kubuntu 19.04

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Wrendall Nahmiwan - Facebook
Wrendall Nahmiwan - Facebook

 Installed this OS into a 10 year old desktop, so far so good (Y) 

3 months, 13 days
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