Peppermint 10 (20190514) , ultima iteratie a sistemului de operare, bazat pe 18.04 LTS vine in ambele arome 64 de biti si pe 32 de biti.

Peppermint 10 modificari principale :

- Kernel 4.18.0-18
- Updated xorg stack
- Proprietary nvidia graphics drivers - 396/410/415/418/430 drivers from the ‘Proprietary GPU Drivers’
- New GUI Font DPI Settings utility.

Updated applications:

All 18.04 updates to 14th May 2019 have been rolled into the ISO, and we also have updated versions of:-
nemo (4.0.6) – which not only feels considerably faster at opening and rendering directory contents, but has finer grained control of desktop configuration options when you right-click the desktop and select ‘Customise’ .. ALL nemo plugins in the repository have been updated, though not all are installed by default).
mintinstall (7.9.7)
mintstick (1.39)
neofetch (6.0.1)
xed (2.0.2)
xplayer (2.0.2)
xviewer (2.0.2)

Other changes and additions:

xreader (replaces evince).
light-locker & light-locker-settings (replaces i3lock, but users that prefer i3lock can easily change it back .. just uninstall those 2 packages and the system will automatically fall back to i3lock).
network-manager-pptp-gnome (now installed by default).
network-manager-openvpn-gnome (now installed by default).
New ‘Peppermint-10’ xfce-panel-switch profile (for resetting the panel).
New Peppermint 10 Gtk themes (multiple color variations).
New default xfwm4 theme to match the new Gtk themes (the new Gtk themes also have their own individual xfwm4 themes, selectable in the Peppermint Control Center).
The firefox-theme-lock & thunderbird-theme-lock tweaks now use the new Peppermint-10-Red-Mixed Gtk theme .. these can still be disabled in the settings panel if you want Firefox and Thunderbird (should you install it) to use the system Gtk theme.
Two new Peppermint 10 wallpapers by Karl Schneider (default and alternative).
Four additional Ray Bilcliff wallpapers.
New plymouth startup/shutdown screen.
New login/lock screen background image (also by Karl Schneider).

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