ReactOS, sistemul de operare open-source in curs de dezvoltare de peste doua decenii, care se straduieste sa asigure compatibilitatea binara cu software-ul Windows - inclusiv driverele, vine cu cea mai recente actualizari a caracteristicilor.

Bug Fixes

CORE-3579 - Missing function of SetupDi* routines
CORE-4306 - Process Explorer won't run: (ARM³::MDLSUP:692) MDL PROBE FAILED!
CORE-5126 - UNIMPLEMENTED: iphlpapi: GetExtendedUdpTable
CORE-5401 - Netstat returns ERROR_NO_DATA Pipe being closed
CORE-5637 - OpenOffice 2.2.1 Calc: Assertion 'MmAvailablePages != 0' failed
CORE-5663 - Blender v2.57b fails to run
CORE-6910 - Unicode issues with Hebrew language
CORE-7771 - BumpTop 2.1.6225 does not see msvcp80.dll
CORE-8545 - Code formatting and fixing some bugs
CORE-8790 - IceChat 7.63 runs out of memory
CORE-8967 - Blender 2.49b fails to start
CORE-9037 - Context menus should align themselves top and/or left if there isn't enough space on their default alignment
CORE-9137 - Installation of Nimbus Note triggers a STATUS_INVALID_IMAGE_FORMAT hard error
CORE-9182 - gimp 2.6.11 unable to load filters after first run
CORE-9219 - can't start Evernote 5.8.3
CORE-9312 - Cant start Nikki assistant
CORE-9423 - Snappy Driver Installer fails to start in ReactOS in r66899
CORE-10134 - CurrPorts does not work.
CORE-10481 - [shell32] Shell dialog issues
CORE-10683 - Very serious bug in applications that use the window regions.
CORE-10748 - Word viewer 2003 from rapps hangs during opening of document
CORE-10895 - netstat crash by using invalid cmdline options
CORE-11041 - 7-Zip-15.12 BSOD when decompressing large file from zip-archive
CORE-11240 - drag & drop with right mouse button misses context menu but moves
CORE-11571 - Flickering, etc. in the System Tray
CORE-11772 - Executing the URL causes the error
CORE-12010 - K-Meleon from RAPPS hangs during downloading file.
CORE-12045 - Assertion error in ntoskrnl/io/iomgr/file.c after exception in Apache web server
CORE-12157 - Add GOG Galaxy ro Rapps
CORE-12243 - .NET2 & .NET2SP2 totally mess up the system after closing the first .NET application
CORE-12246 - Setup plays into creating 5th primary partition
CORE-12292 - PortExpert not finding TCP/UDP
CORE-12418 - Click about in help menu in Word Viewer 2003 caused ReactOS to hang.
CORE-12428 - Open Hardware Monitor 0.8 crashes on ROS 0.4.3
CORE-12429 - Unknown exception 0xc0000006 in Open Hadware Monitor crashes system
CORE-12468 - "ninja livecd": "RegDeleteKeyW(0x01566EC0, '') is UNIMPLEMENTED!"
CORE-12481 - Accessibility : truncated text (french)
CORE-12541 - Improve support for system builtin accounts LocalSystem, LocalService and NetworkService
CORE-12616 - regressions of r73442: 37temp-files & RAM-increase
CORE-12680 - Gif animation doesn't play in Picture and Fax Viewer
CORE-12915 - Visual Basic Executable giving "Out of Memory"
CORE-13003 - explorer address bar display problem
CORE-13140 - Word 2010 - The font "Cambria Math" causes display problems
CORE-13228 - base/services/tcpsvcs/log.c: "C:\\tcpsvcs_log.log" should not assume "C:"
CORE-13448 - Improve NtLoadKey and add some SEH / correct user-mode parameter capture in nt/cm-API
CORE-13521 - Assertion error after start Deluge 1.3.11
CORE-13747 - Quadro Professional tetris v.1.2 -r75745 Does not work. No image available
CORE-13792 - sysdm.cpl doesn't show checkbox control
CORE-13924 - Click-n-type Virtual Keyboard 3.03.4012 from rapps crash when opening program preferences
CORE-13986 - Wise Installer draws scrollbars enabled while they should be drawn disabled
CORE-14009 - LiveCD: Shortcuts created in the build process have blank icons
CORE-14046 - FreeLoader ignore pressed F8 if timeout=0
CORE-14071 - gdi32: GetTextFace doesn't report the correct font name
CORE-14116 - Renaming network connection leads explorer to crash
CORE-14212 - QuickTime Player 7.7.9 needs msvcr80.dll at launch with or without MS VC++ 2005 SP1 installed
CORE-14391 - netstat utility from 2k3sp2 missing iphlpapi func AllocateAndGetTcpExTable2FromStack
CORE-14459 - Opera 12.18 uninstaller seriously and reproducibly hangs the system
CORE-14474 - Wine Mono 4.5.6 - Test app crashes with unhandled exception upon close
CORE-14696 - Regression: it is not possible to delete any file or folder via the context menu
CORE-14813 - SuperFinderXT setup from rapps - a checkbox is painted over an edit control
CORE-14839 - Regression: paths to source files in putty + gcc logs are cut off
CORE-14874 - Java 7 u65 fails to install
CORE-14882 - ReactOS crashes early at 1st stage
CORE-14946 - Magnify > "Level" parameter does not work properly
CORE-14948 - Virtual keyboard crashed reactos
CORE-14977 - MC headers partially lacks Polish translation
CORE-14982 - Shortcut icons become generic in ReactOS installation (via bootcd)
CORE-14988 - Regression: MS Office 2010 Pro Plus fails to install with Samba installed
CORE-14990 - BSOD - reactos-bootcd-0.4.11-dev-45-g33fc7bf-x86-gcc-lin-dbg.iso - the second stage of the installation
CORE-15001 - Wrong placement of the context menu in systray leads to autoselection, e.g. Abyss WebServer
CORE-15005 - libtirpc is affected by CVE-2018-14622
CORE-15012 - Network drives in My Computer are displayed twice after relogin
CORE-15029 - Command prompt overwrites input string on Ctrl+C
CORE-15030 - Lix game makes Dr. Watson panic
CORE-15048 - Scrubbing a BTRFS drive via Properties isn't possible in ReactOS
CORE-15067 - Issue with copying a large file on a BTRFS formatted drive
CORE-15068 - PnP error when installing MS Office 2010 Pro Plus
CORE-15091 - Device Manager does not install drivers for most devices
CORE-15094 - Font. The menu text in ReactOS is 1 pixel lower. Game "Minesweeper" (winmine)
CORE-15096 - [MSPAINT] Fix scrollbar presence on canvas/view fitting
CORE-15097 - [REGRESSION] Ethernet adapter PCnet-FAST III (Am79C973) does not work
CORE-15108 - Setup fails when a filename is too long
CORE-15118 - OCR CuneiForm - No icons (regression) appear on the main buttons
CORE-15150 - PrivateExtractIcons(A/W) should support unexpanded file paths!
CORE-15160 - Wine-Gecko Not Installed from modules\optional
CORE-15165 - Regression "LMarbles 1.0.6 installer" from rapps can not be restored after it has been minimized once
CORE-15166 - Regression, Media Player Classic HomeCinema MPC HC 1.7.13 'elapsed time' in status bar uses incredibly tiny font
CORE-15183 - [APPWIZ] Aborting the download of Gecko will always display the error message box
CORE-15192 - [USETUP] Setup fails to install BTRFS bootcode on the partition
CORE-15193 - Unattended setup waits for boot menu
CORE-15201 - mkhive is broken with MSVC2010
CORE-15211 - Lost Files 2 game fails to install in ntvdm
CORE-15221 - BSOD in build 506 of ReactOS 0.4.11
CORE-15224 - Breakpoint reached when exiting .Net Program
CORE-15235 - BSOD 0x139 "KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE" triggered by fastfat / Cc code.
CORE-15267 - New user : truncated text
CORE-15281 - [USETUP] After the complete installation of 1st setup, ReactOS won't boot to the 2nd stage
CORE-15295 - file-properties dlg of exe has a too small static for property "description" in all localization
CORE-15331 - [WIN32SS][FONT] Fix NEWTEXTMETRIC.ntmCellHeight value
CORE-15333 - 2737d91 Regressions to gdi32_apitest GetFontResourceInfoW
CORE-15334 - BTRFS ReactOS-BootCD-0.4.11-Dev-657-g0d4591c-x86-gcc-lin-DBG is not installed
CORE-15336 - Winejoystick.drv should be added
CORE-15339 - After using BTRFS ReactOS-BootCD-0.4.11-Dev-657-g0d4591c-x86-gcc-lin-dbg is not installed in FAT
CORE-15353 - [NOTEPAD] does not open text file with unusual file extension
CORE-15363 - netstat TCP foreign address port is wrong
CORE-15399 - Failed to load sqlspars.dll during setup of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition installer
CORE-15403 - System description is blank in System properties window
CORE-15407 - libtirpc is affected by CVE-2018-14621
CORE-15412 - Regression, desk.cpl now depends on advapi32_vista.dll and therefore does not longer run on WinXP
CORE-15413 - APC_INDEX_MISMATCH when backup partition by ODIN
CORE-15421 - Regression: Chromium-based browsers and CEF-based apps crashes at start
CORE-15422 - Regression: Chrome 37.0.2062.124-6932 crashes upon startup
CORE-15431 - System variables do not work in the Run dialog box.
CORE-15433 - BSOD in Opera when open
CORE-15479 - Regression, Wine Mono Test app, the gradient in the toolbar background regressed
CORE-15504 - EXPLORER: Switching windows using right-click menu crashes the system
CORE-15569 - Traffic Inspector - Start installer BSOD
CORE-15576 - Civilization II Multiplayer Gold Edition crashes when trying to open a map
CORE-15643 - UniATA issues with modern AHCI controllers
CORE-15659 - Unable to build the gcc Release version in Windows using RosBE 2.1.6 (module cdfs fails)
CORE-15733 - [Win32SS?] dropdown-menu position may be wrong, when the window overflows the screen-borders


CORE-15222 - Update ACPICA to version 20181003


CORE-11802 - Improvement to ReactOS's InstallCD
CORE-11898 - [TRANSLATION] Romanian partial translation for ""
CORE-12587 - sdk/include/xdk/winnt_old.h: sort out "#if 1 /* (_WIN32_WINNT >= 0x0500) */"
CORE-12671 - Improve the format of our debug traces
CORE-13347 - Make mkhive a bit more flexible
CORE-14498 - [dwnl] Localize download utility
CORE-14995 - Add GetTextFace Tests from CORE-14926 to rostests
CORE-15023 - TRANSLATION: Romanian resources maintenance
CORE-15056 - Add Romanian Standard Keyboard layout
CORE-15310 - Persistent network drives are mounted everytime MPR is loaded
CORE-15419 - [WIN32SS][FONT] Improve FamilyUnknown Penalty

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Tzortzel Giorgos Antone - Facebook

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Solus 4 Fortitude Released - Plasma, Budgie, Mate, Gnome Solus 4 Fortitude Released - Plasma, Budgie, Mate, Gnome >>>
Tzortzel Giorgos Antone - Facebook
Tzortzel Giorgos Antone - Facebook

Ehehehehe,,, iar vreti sa ma corupeti voi :-) de cand astept eu Solus in KDE! Noroc ca este inca in teste si nu ma tenteaza,,, deocamdata...18 hours, 26 minutes

Solus 4 Fortitude Released - Plasma, Budgie, Mate, Gnome Solus 4 Fortitude Released - Plasma, Budgie, Mate, Gnome >>>
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