Linux Kodachi 6.0 este cea mai recenta versiune stabila bazata pe Xubuntu , cu accent pe pastrarea confidentialitatii si anonimatul pe internet prin diverse instrumente specializate, inclusiv Tor si retele private virtuale (VPN).


Version 6.0:
Based on: Xbuntu 18.04 LTS
Kernel: 4.19.0-12
System: 64bit
Release date: 09.02.2019
Use Kodachi OS or be in the land of insecurity! | Tag line by J.D

+ Kernel upgrade from 4.18.0-14 to 4.19.0-12 (Big jump)
+ Storage tools added now you can 
1) usb persistence (capsper-rw) for kodachi
2) usb encrypted persistence (capsper-rw) for kodachi ( waiting for ubuntu to allow this with capser boot!)
3) usb persistence for other os kali/parrotos/tails yes with one click !
4) usb encrypted persistence for other os kali/parrotos/tails
5) mount storage device as read only (forensic)
6) wipe disk free memory
7) nuke luks encrypted storage device
8) add additional swap file
9) encrypt swap files yes! with one click!
10) display advance disk information
+ Memory tools kept all in one place now you can
1) Normal memory clean
2) Force memory clean
3) Memory wipe
4) Memory wipe then shutdown
5) Memory watch

+ New app Stacer linux tuner
+ New app Grsync files sync 
+ Now with Tor you can exclude 14 9 or 5 eyes countries with a single click
+ Added Tor obfuscation
+ Added luks nuke feature for storage devices not only the OS !
+ New grub items to help assist your boot like: Terminal boot, Full OS on Ram , forensic mode , fail safe, and Old NIC names eth0 for networking names
+ Added Safe box feature in Kodachi with a single click you can encrypt entire directory on the fly!
+ Added Quad 9 DNS to the dns list
+ Added wmctrl DuckDuckgo command line search tool
+ Added few essential tools like lupin-casper, mesa-utils, update-notifier, xbrlapi, xfpanel-switch and speech-dispatcher
+ Added buttons to disable or enable network cards
+ Added buttons to enable or disable system swap 
+ Few more security related bookmarks were added to Kodachi browser
- muf was set as default pdf viewer
- Icon auto arrange button was added on left tool bar
- Information display shows faster on start up 
- Now you can see Tor excluded countries, swap encryption, on information display
- Ping speed on information display changed from google to cloudflare
- Exudos , Electrom wallet , Tor browser and many more packages were updated
- Thermald was removed some pcs had issues with it
! Many code changes to improve and fix bugs operational scripts
! Kodachi kill was improved to avoid wiping mounted devices don't try it :p
! Gui was tuned a bit with icons arrangement

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Gabriel Ruta - Facebook

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